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ILT - Interlaboratory Test in Colombia: For more information call (+57-1) 2489172 or email to
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ILT - Interlaboratory Test S.A. offers a new service: Customized Proficiency Testing programs.
In the customized PT programs we can truly agile organizations, in fewer days than a traditional program, which participate only 2 laboratories. (your laboratory comparing with our reference laboratory)

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ILT - Interlaboratory Test S.A. offers a new service: Alerts of New edition/version of Standards and / or Test Methods for your company or laboratory, based on the requirements of ISO 17025 point 5.4.2.
ILT takes a consulting on standards bodies to check if a new edition of the standards and/or test methods. This information is sent to your e-mail monthly.
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Proficiency testing Date Code Comment Select
Ultrasound testing - NDT 2013 ILT-U-055 ASTM E114 and EN 10228-3.
Liquid penetrant testing - NDT 2013 ILT-U-151 ASTM E165 and EN 10228-2.
Magnetic Particle Testing - NDT 2013 ILT-U-188 ASTM E1444 and EN 10228-1.
Radiographic Examination of Weldments - NDT 2013 ILT-U-256 ASTM E1032.
Measuring Thickness by Manual Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Contact Method 2013 ILT-U-271 ASTM E797




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